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Pathway to Work Initiatives for ethnic minorities in Swansea.

BMHS- BAME Mental Health Support has been selected alongside other organisation by Swansea local authority to execute initiatives aimed at enhancing the “Pathway to Work" for ethnic minorities.

This comprehensive project involves collaborative efforts with various organizations and includes the implementation of a purposeful job fair designed to encourage corporate entities to offer placement and internship opportunities for BAME communities, amongst others , as well as mental health support.

Our remit focuses on addressing the unique challenges faced by Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in accessing employment opportunities by recognizing and addressing systemic barriers, promoting diversity and inclusion, and providing tailored support. We aim to enhance the employability prospects of ethnic minorities and foster equitable access to economic opportunities.

If this resonates with you and you are interested in supporting the BMHS team in the implementation of this project in 2024, kindly express your interest by clicking on the provided link.

Candidates and applicants who intend to benefit from the structured "Pathway to work "initiatives will be required to complete four forms alongside their CV submission .

Download PDF • 258KB

P2W EI and Unemployed Status self-dec - 2023 V4_1_
Download PDF • 298KB

P2W Referral Form
Download PDF • 392KB

P2W Participant Record
Download PDF • 892KB

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