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Covid-19 has also amplified the level of the health inequalities and it has given rise to other social and economic disparities – which when compounded by isolation due to lockdown, grief, and bereavement, it will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the mental health and wellbeing of BAME communities.

The need for immediate and effective responses to mental health issues and crises within the BAME Community is long overdue and the waiting time to access therapy, have a psychological-educational assessment and/or participate in in-patient or out-patient programs needs major improvement.

We strongly advocate that every mental health service including training should be culturally capable and able to address the diverse needs of a multi-cultural population through effective and appropriate forms of assessment and interventions.

BMHS is a not-for-profit organisation focused on education and advocacy to inspire a mentally healthy BAME community by providing support appropriate to their mental health and wellbeing.


We believe that mental health and physical health should be valued equally. Sadly, institutional apathy, structural inequalities, racism, fear, stigma, and discrimination means that Black Asian and Minority Ethnic people are disadvantaged when it comes to accessing mental health and wellbeing services, and to the quality of care they can receive.

Structural discrimination refers to policies and practices within institutions that are intended to be neutral, but which result in adverse outcomes for particular groups.





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To inspire and support the wellbeing and enterprise development of BAME Community members.

To be actively involved in promoting an environment where all BAME Community members will have access to services and support appropriate to their mental health and to be instrumental in promoting their enterprise development.


We believe that BAME community members will benefit from close collaboration and shared responsibility among service providers, families, communities, educators, other professionals, and government.


We believe that BAME community have the right to mental health treatment and support services that are timely, effective, and coordinated.


We are driven by our initiative to create a better society.


We believe that BAME community members with mental health challenges have the right to be respected, supported, and included in schools and communities.

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