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I feel so thankful to have reached out to BMHS after I was encouraged by a friend to use the services they offer. The First Aider I spoke to was very kind, empathetic, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. I began counselling during the pandemic because of how stressful my work environment had become. BMHS instantly made me feel comfortable and provided me with a lot of helpful strategies to cope with everything. I have always struggled with anxiety and appreciate all the ways BMHS has helped make my anxiety more manageable. I was encouraged to feel more motivated in achieving my personal goals. I am grateful for everything BMHS has done!   


BMHS is fantastic and I would highly recommend their services. BMHS has this wonderful way of making me feel heard while legitimizing concerns and comes up with comprehensive steps to work toward improvement.

- Linda

I am glad I reached out to BMHS. My last experience with an in-person counsellor was disappointing to say the least. So, I hesitated to get help. But after talking with BMHS, I immediately felt calmer and felt safe knowing full well that my difference as a BAME community member is understood. Thank you BMHS. 


BMHS is the best when it comes to the concerns of BAME mental health support services. They really invest the care and effort into making sure you get where you need to be."


"I feel like I have made progress working with BMHS. They do the best they can to be understanding and culturally competent."

- Adebanjo

"BMHS Staff are thoughtful, kind, non-judgemental, intuitive, considerate of my needs and pace. Perfect for me."

- Richard

Lots of helpful resources. Great communicator. 

- Haresh

The time, engagement, empathy and support I have received has been outstanding.

- Joy

I would not be here without BMHS. 

- Chen

Thank you for liaising with my housing officer. 

- Karen

You listened and gave me plenty of help and support in my difficult situation.  

- Trevor

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