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Mental Health Day - Alfred Shares his thought on "The Mind of a Winner"

The Mind of a Winner


The world is cruel to a fighter

The fighter is cruel to the world

The Hades is full of doubters

The Doubters is full of hades

There is nowhere to hide

From the present tide

Even beggars cannot ride

If wishes were horses any more.

Will manna ever fall again?

Has it ever fallen like a rain?

When all man will stand to gain

When there will be no more pain

And none will be tamed


the game remain the same

Shame and fame will not coexist

For success is the child of audacity

I pledge to win the race

To edge precarious face

Even at the base of the case

I choose to trace

Through the maze of my being

And all I see is a king

Crowned in the ring

All I see is a hero

Honoured in the city and abroad

Oh! All I see is a champion

Clothed in many colours

There is no need for trepidation or fear

When there is assured light

at the tail of the tunnel

There is no need for apprehension

Since darkness cannot comprehend the light

I choose to believe in myself

For the vision is for an appointed time

I choose to believe in my dreams

For the Future belongs to those

Who believe in the beauty of their dreams.


The Mind of a Winner
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