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Important Lessons from the Movie "Wonka"

Important Lessons from the Movie "Wonka"

Join us today, Feb 13th 2024 at 12 noon for a delightful time of reflection & enjoyment with your kids.

1. Patience in leadership is crucial; dreams may take years to materialize.

2. Guard your finances wisely; money can slip away if not managed carefully.

3. Read the fine print; be fully informed before entering agreements that impact your life.

4. Find joy in your work to make the journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.

5. Stay aware of competition in your industry; their actions can influence your choices.

6. Keep your word; great leaders honor their commitments to employees and customers.

7. Vigilance is key; leaders must stay alert to avoid disasters caused by neglect.

8. Beware of addictions; they can silently destroy you over time.

9. Bad decisions can be reversed; don't let one wrong choice hinder your leadership journey.

10. The true essence of leadership lies in the people you share the experience with.

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