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MHFA England have announced the launch of a new Mental Health First Aid course.

Last week is a very special week for those of us that deliver the Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England courses. MHFA England have announced the launch of a new Mental Health First Aid course. MHFAiders® become part of a workplace wellbeing community. With access to the MHFAider Support App®, they can access 24/7 digital support, as well as training resources and ongoing learning opportunities. Additionally, MHFAiders® receive access to exclusive events so that they can continue to develop their support for your workplace beyond the training course. The MHFAider Support App® provides training resources and ongoing learning opportunities so that MHFAiders® can improve their support skills on the job. MHFAiders® can help organise their roles with reminders and secure conversation journaling, to safely reflect on their work. The MHFAider Support App® works to support the MHFAiders'® own mental health – the resources within can teach critical self-care skills, with the emotion tracker function allowing them to chart their own wellbeing. The app provides 24/7 text support for when MHFAiders® are feeling overwhelmed or need guidance for certain situations. MHFAiders® have access to regular online events that provide further learning and support, allowing them to continue to perform their role confidently and effectively, long after receiving their initial training.” The investment to become a mental health first aider is £325. You will also receive an MHFA lanyard, and on completion a certificate of attendance valid for three years.

If you would like to attend the new improved MHFA course, we have an open course running throughout the year , please email

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