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Mental Health Imperatives Conversation with NHS Business Services Authority

Alfred Oyekoya said "It's a privilege and honor to be invited to speak today by NHS Business Services Authority and given the liberty to address Mental Health Imperatives and share historical excellence of a pattern that worked including insights on how Madhouses Act 1774 and Lunacy Act 1890 contributed to the root causes of Stigma until Mental Health Act 1959. Sadly, these laws were inherited by several colonized countries and haven’t changed!

Just recently, the Suicide Act 1961 decriminalized the act of suicide in England and Wales, lending credence to the fact that: when we address the structural discrimination inherent in regulatory framework, we are not just focusing on the symptoms but addressing the issues at the root causes.

Thank you, NHS Business Authority Services Team Members, for your amazing feedbacks and thanks to the BAME Mental Health Support - BMHS Team members for your continual research."

BMHS embrace this opportunity as part of our effort in normalizing Mental Health conversations and making Mental Health Topics more relevant and accessible for everyone, particularly ethnic minorities.

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