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Grassroots Community Leader, Alfred Oyekoya, Awarded MBE for Outstanding Services to Community.

Updated: Jan 4

In recognition of his tireless commitment and service to his community, Alfred Oyekoya has been honoured with Member of the British Empire (MBE) in the King’s New Year’s Honours List.

Alfred , who was recently named by The Office of the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales as among Wales' top 100 changemakers, is the Director of BMHS (BAME Mental Health Support), and he expressed his gratitude, stating, “I am really pleased and deeply appreciative of the honour. I dedicate the Award to God, my family, and the amazing team at BMHS.”

With a distinguished career spanning voluntary, public, and private sectors, Alfred has continually championed positive change. His culturally relevant approach involves not only addressing stigmas but also building resilience in community groups. His initiative has positioned BMHS as a trusted organization for minority ethnics in Wales, working collaboratively with several organizations to address health inequalities.

Alfred's steadfast advocacy to address structural discrimination within regulatory frameworks particularly within the context of mental health support, is a defining feature of his distinguished career. His unique insights are drawn from diverse experiences across international, commercial, and public sectors. His expertise includes strategic advisory services and an astute understanding of the needs of grassroots communities and cultural relevant interventions.

In his various roles, including being the Treasurer at the Book Council of Wales and other board positions, Alfred has developed into a critical thinker, adeptly striking a balance between providing support and exercising scrutiny to ensure the practice of sound governance.

In his voluntary role as one of the Civic and Business Commissioners for Swansea Poverty Truth Commission, he collaborates with a diverse group of individuals to amplify the voices and experiences of those affected by poverty.

He regularly consults with Welsh Government and other national panels.

The New Year Honours list recognises the achievements and service of people across the UK, from all walks of life. The 2024 New Year Honours list is published in The Gazette.

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