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Welsh Government’s 10-year Mental Health Strategy

This year marks the end of the Welsh Government’s 10-year mental health strategy, Together for Mental Health. A new strategy is being developed, and we need your help to make sure it is as effective as it should be.

We want to see it be shaped by the lived experience of people from across Wales. We want to know what is meaningful to you. We want to know what a vision of good mental health for Wales should look like.

The next mental health strategy is an opportunity to call for change across all areas of government, and all the areas of life which can impact on our mental health. As well as improvements to mental health services and the NHS, we want to talk about things like housing, community support, tackling inequalities, education, work and anything else you want to discuss.

On Friday 14th, 2023, BMHS and Mind Cymru would be speaking to interested participants at the BMHS Hub and if you like to contribute to the survey anonymously please use survey link.

There is an opportunity to also contribute directly to the Welsh Government Strategy using the link .

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