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Platinum Champions Awards

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Alfred shared his delight at meeting Simon Cowell and being selected as a recipient of the Platinum Champions Award by the Royal Voluntary Service.

Some weeks ago, I was interviewed by The Guardian on the vital community work I lead, with emphasis on the Mental Health regulatory reforms imperatives, BMHS advocates.

After the interview , I was asked at random who I would like to meet , and I mentioned Simon Cowell, a special breed, I have always admired for his candor and action in a world characterized by mendacity and rhetoric.

Today, my wife and I were invited by the BGT Team to meet the amazing production crew and meet the great man himself alongside other judges.

Thank you everyone at The Guardian Angel Team and BGT Team for extending this kind generosity in acknowledgment of my contribution to the community.

Thank you to the Royal Voluntary Service and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall for selecting me as one of the recipient of Platinum Champions Awards in honour of Royal Voluntary Service Patron, Her Majesty The Queen.

"Congratulations to all our Platinum Champions – and my heartfelt thanks to you and to the millions of volunteers across the UK who give their time and talents so generously.” Her Royal Highness,

The Duchess of Cornwall

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