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Community Leader, Alfred Oyekoya Receives MBE at Windsor Castle

Alfred Oyekoya, renowned for his grassroots community leadership and mental health advocacy , was honoured with an MBE at Windsor Castle in a special ceremony attended by members of the British Royal Family on the 17th of April 2024.

Beaming with smile , Oyekoya accepted the prestigious award for his dedicated services to the community, accompanied by his adorable wife Nancy and children.

Speaking after the ceremony – which was presided over by Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise.

Oyekoya remarked, "Incredibly proud to have been awarded an MBE for services to community." He emphasized the collective effort behind the recognition, stating, "This is very much shared with so many people who also dedicate their time and energy to inspiring a mentally healthy community."

Princess Anne's remarkable acquaintance with all the guests left me truly astounded. "She effortlessly recognized everyone and their accomplishments without any prior briefing," he commended.

"Not only was she knowledgeable about my community work and passion for mental health advocacy, she also showed genuine interest in my connections to Swansea and Wales."

The investiture ceremony, held on Wednesday afternoon at the Berkshire residence of His Majesty, also recognized other notable individuals for their outstanding contributions.

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