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Celebrating Black History Month, Swansea University Events!

To celebrate Black History Month, Swansea University will be hosting a series of events to focus on different contributions, challenges, and stories of people from Black and ethnic minority backgrounds.

Shaz Abedean , Equality Lead for the University said “ We are thrilled to be hosting Alfred Oyekoya, who will be sharing a reflective story regarding the “Imperative and Excellence of Community Cohesion”

Alfred Said "Community cohesion is crucial for a healthy society. It promotes social integration, diversity appreciation, and collective resilience. It also reduces crime, improves well-being, and fosters economic prosperity, with strong support systems and civic engagement being natural outcomes. To achieve excellence in community cohesion, we must promote inclusivity, communication, and mutual respect. When people come together, embrace diversity, and support one another, the community thrives."

The event is open to staff and students.

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