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Swansea University apologises to student from Nigeria who was thrown off his course for late payment

"Emmanuel's story is truly heart-wrenching and highlights the challenges that individuals can face even when they try to do everything right.

It's unfortunate that he had to endure the loss of his father, and despite his determination, he encountered unnecessary obstacles at Swansea University.

The fact that he managed to raise his outstanding £300 through the sale of landed property to complete his payment before the deadline shows his commitment to his education.

The initial denial of his enrollment for reasons beyond comprehension and control is deeply troubling. His attempts to seek guidance and appeal, only to be met with threats and obstacles, further compounded his distress. The lack of access to public funds and inability to work without enrollment proof added to his desperation.

Emmanuel's situation illustrates the importance of empathy and support within educational institutions. It was disheartening that despite fulfilling his obligations , he faced such difficulties.

His story serves as a reminder of the need for more transparent and compassionate processes in academic institutions to avoid putting students through unnecessary hardships.

Thanks to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator for Higher Education, the University apologised after eight months with £1000 compensation but if only they have an idea of the avoidable consequences of their decision on the student" Alfred Oyekoya MBE

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