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Harmony and Unity: A Reflection on BMHS Community Cohesion Event by Joanne Ng

Updated: May 14

I am Joanne Ng, a third-year psychology student and mental health project intern with BMHS, I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of the remarkable Community Cohesion Music Event. This event, held on Thursday, 22nd February at Brangwyn Hall, Swansea, showcased not only the rich tapestry of talents but also the commitment of BMHS in fostering inclusivity and community integration.


Diversity in Action:

My involvement began with reaching out to various performance units from diverse backgrounds, including artists from India, China, and our local student community at Swansea University. Witnessing people from different ethnicities and cultures come together under one roof created a vision of unity that is vital for shaping our collective future.


From Planning to Execution:

Being a massive event, it was my first-time participation from its inception. From the planning stage, I undertook tasks ranging from venue visits to coordinating logistical details like seating arrangements, equipment setups, and the rundown for the sound check session. Additionally, I contributed to the backstage control, ensuring the seamless execution of the event. The challenges faced were numerous, but they significantly enhanced my ability to adapt on the spot.


Team Spirit and Adaptability:

The event brought unforeseen challenges, leading to necessary changes in my original plans. Regular Monday and Friday meetings with BMHS volunteers and staff were instrumental in keeping the progress on track. Even with my school commitments, I made sure to attend Zoom meetings on every Monday and Friday, enhancing my involvement and contributing to the overall success of the event. The guidance of Grassroots Community Leader, Alfred Oyekoya, played a pivotal role in encouraging innovative ideas and ensuring action plans for everyone.


Leadership Lessons and Environmental Consciousness:

Through my internship, I learned valuable lessons in leadership from our Project Manager, Lynn Matthews. Lynn's responsibility, cheerfulness, and knack for practical, environmentally-friendly, and budget-friendly solutions left a lasting impression. The exposure to such leadership styles has been a significant source of learning and growth.


Artistic Expression and Cultural Celebration:

Beyond logistical contributions, I had the privilege of performing a Cantonese song during the event. The song, echoing themes of courage, self-belief, and authenticity, resonated with BMHS's main values in mental health. It emphasised the importance of individual empowerment, irrespective of societal expectations, and aligns with BMHS's overarching vision.


Volunteer Dedication and Event Success:

The success of the event was a testament to the dedication of BMHS volunteers and their commitment to adding value. The brilliant execution ensured that audiences and visitors enjoyed a memorable evening filled with diverse performances.


Mental Health Support and Practical Growth:

As a psychology student certified as a mental health first aider with BMHS, my role extended beyond the event. Offering a listening service, especially to those sharing similar backgrounds, provided practical application of mental health support. This experience has significantly enhanced my skills and reinforced the importance of self-care and mental well-being.


BMHS: A Home for All:

BMHS's commitment to embracing individuals from different backgrounds, encapsulated in its name representing black, Asian, and ethnic minority mental health support, has made it a place that truly feels like home. The organisation's dedication to promoting mental health and self-care aligns with my own values and experiences, making my internship journey both fulfilling and meaningful.



In conclusion, the Community Cohesion Music Event was not just a celebration of music and talent; it was a celebration of diversity, unity, and the collective strength of a community. As an mental health project intern, I am proud to have played a role in an event that mirrors BMHS's commitment to mental health, community well-being, and the transformative power of music. This experience has been a profound chapter in my personal and professional growth, emphasising the importance of unity in diversity and the positive impact of community cohesion events. Here's to more events that echo the heartbeat of a unified community!

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