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Creative Writing Project Update

We are happy to continue the weekly and monthly workshop in 2023 for the Creative Writing Project which aims to support community members to proffer ideas in writing on how mental health services in Wales can be improved and support them to professionally advance their creative writing skills and careers through training, mentoring, and coaching. There is also the opportunity to support writers to get published.

The last session held on 19/12/2022 and led by Guinevere Clark who introduced creative writing to the participants. Key learning points were developing the writer’s triangle focusing on three influential themes, subject, or situations that participants would love to write about.

Participants were engaged about the different writing forms- poems, short stories, flash fiction and novels.

The session also had some hands-on activities where participants were tasked with creating their first drafts around initial ideas, explored objects in writing, and the session concluded by each person presenting their work to the group.

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