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Meet our new Staff Member- Lynn Matthews

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

We are delighted to introduce our new Project Manager, Lynn Matthews - a passionate and dedicated administrator with many years’ experiences of supporting Children and Young People.

Alfred Oyekoya, BMHS Director, said “We are excited to welcome Lynn. She brings with her considerable experience of administration and business leadership, developed through her previous work in Africa, British Military and the third sector. Additionally, she has valuable experience of working with ethnic minorities.

Lynn said: “It’s an honor to have been selected through a rigorous recruitment campaign and I am excited about the opportunity to carry on the great work that has been done excellently in the previous years’”

Many thanks to Adebukunola Okunade and Non-Evans for overseeing the recruitment process in line with applicable laws and regulations.

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R. A
R. A

Welcome on board Lynn🙂

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