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Introduction to Welfare Benefits and Reforms Sessions

Limited spaces available!

If you're still interested in attending, please register to ensure you get updates on all free sessions, working with West Glamorgan Partnership to support household incomes, including through promoting benefit take-up.

Introduction to Welfare Benefits and Reforms.

An interactive session designed to give a basic insight into most common welfare benefits and where service users can identify where a benefit may be applied and signpost into the appropriate service for help.

“Around £19.18 billion in welfare benefits and tax credits goes unclaimed’ ‘13.5 million people in the UK are living in poverty, 3.8 million are children’

AIMS: The session aims to equip learners to identify where service users may be eligible to WB entitlements, where to get a WB check, make an application, access help with appeal process and impact of Welfare Reforms & Universal Credit.

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