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Creative Writing Session Continues today 27/02/2023

Last time we met was on the 13th of February 2023, the class started with registered participants for the Writers Development Project exploring syllabic writing and Haiku which deeply explores the economy of words. Participants got to understand the history of Haiku and its forms.

Participants were also tasked with creating their own Haiku pieces which they all read and analysed together during the session. The tutor was pleased reading the different Hiaku pieces that were written in a very short time.

This evening we will be having fun with acrostic poems and also looking at writing from memory and confessional style poetry and literature. We will also be using some work by one of our participants to discuss dialogue and starting new pieces that step into controversial, raw or intimate worlds!

"Every class is really exciting as I get to learn new things, and importantly, I am able to create short pieces in a short time frame. I love the challenge" Dozie Uwakwe

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