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Creative Writing Session Continues today 13/02/2023

Last time we met was on the 23rd of January 2023, the class started with participants recounting their words of affirmation from previous session.

This was followed by quick word game that also involved the use of rhyming words. The game was very exciting as it motivated participants to think on the spot.

After the game, participants were taught about prose poetry, myths, fairy tales and the features of short stories. The differences between both forms of writing were explained in details. The aspiring writers were then tasked with writing a short piece using the various story structures that had been taught earlier.

Some of the participants were asked to read out their stories, and tutor , Guinevere gave ideas on how they could be improved better.

The class also introduced working on an art canvas which was really fun and exciting.

We ended the session with participants taking home assignments to build on their stories.

Guinevere said "tonight we will be looking at * Haiku * & * Micropoetry *, which will be fun, interactive and informative and aligns with what some of the participants are already doing! 😀✍🏽 See you later!

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