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2024, Modernizing the Mental Health Act is imperative!

New Blog by Alfred Oyekoya

For more than five years, the Independent Mental Health Act Review's recommendations for modernizing the Mental Health Act have gone unimplemented. Despite extensive consultations, legislative screenings, white paper, draft bill, and scrutiny reports, the anticipated new legislation is still elusive.

The recent King’s Speech provided a pivotal moment for the government to commit to revamping the outdated Mental Health Act, and I expressed my views during an interview with Arise TV.

The call for reform is urgent, and 2024 must mark a year of tangible action rather than mere rhetoric. The time for substantive change is now imperative!

The time for substantive change is now imperative!

Interestingly, I have become accustomed to managing my daily tasks with the constant presence of my children, and even during live interviews addressing significant issues, my loved one remains actively engaged. 

Thank you Arise TV for amplifying the importance of mental health. Thank you Ugo Aliogo, Public Policy Analyst, Arise TV for the engagement.

Download PDF • 3.02MB

 "What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, more unashamed conversation."

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